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Thought Leaders supports organizations with visionary leaders who are undertaking ambitious institutional initiatives.

The program prioritizes organizations that are dedicated to building capacity towards a deeper understanding of the cultural sector at large. Leaders are invited to convene with their cohort annually, exchanging knowledge and best practices with each other throughout their term.

Thought Leaders platforms leaders who are committed to restructuring art institutions together. Their work asks urgent institutional questions that are shared by many across the field: How do you transfer leadership with generosity and care? How do you evolve while resisting mission drift? How do you remain rooted in your community in meaningful ways while being connected to critical conversations at large? How do you express abundance and joy in your operations? How do you build institutions in a time of fundamental social, economic, and ecological uncertainty?

2022 Cohort

A Marfa Meditation

Letters to Toshiko

sepia toned photgraph of Toshiko Takezu seated next to a large bell outdoors

Fiscal Sponsors

The Andrews Humphrey Family Foundation, Columbus State University, Social Good Fund