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Global Formations is a cohort of long-term thought partners who are committed to developing innovative, international models of artistic exchange that are steadfast in their specificity yet relevant to communities across the globe.

Delfina Foundation, 2016. Photo: Pari Naderi
Fogo Island, 2019. Photo: Mikaela Kautzky
Para Site. Courtesy of Para Site

With Fogo Island Arts (Fogo Island, Canada), we consider the connections between land and sea, community and culture, ecological sustainability and collective prosperity, and what it means to reinvest in communities with creativity at the core of change.

With Delfina Foundation (London, UK), we investigate what it means to support diasporic artists amidst global movements and ruptures, learning how to translate the social intimacy and hospitality of a residency to create a global community of support.

And with Para Site (Hong Kong), we work towards demystifying the operational models of arts institutions, to create pathways for democratized decision-making, to imagine how we can build transnational connections, expand access, and empower individuals to organize within their own institutions.


Delfina Foundation

London, United Kingdom

Delfina Foundation Family Lunch, 2022. Photo: Anne Tetzlaff

Delfina Foundation Family Lunch, 2022. Photo: Anne Tetzlaff

Based in the heart of London, Delfina Foundation is an independent, non-profit foundation dedicated to facilitating artistic exchange and developing creative practice through residencies, partnerships and public programming. Founded in 2007, Delfina Foundation promotes global artistic exchange and experimentation. They create opportunities for emerging and established artists, curators and writers to reflect on what they do, position their practice within relevant global discourse, create career-defining research and commissions, and network with colleagues.

Fogo Island Arts

Fogo Island, Canada



Fogo Island Arts is a contemporary arts and ideas organization on Fogo Island, located in Newfoundland & Labrador, on traditional Mi’kmaw territory and the ancestral homeland of the Beothuk. Founded in 2008 as an artists residency program, Fogo Island Arts was created with the conviction that art and artists have the capacity to instigate social change and offer new perspectives on issues of contemporary concern. By facilitating collaborations and connections between a local and international network of practitioners and thinkers, Fogo Island Arts aims to provide relevant insights on questions of human relationships with place, nature, financial capital, and one another.

Para Site

Hong Kong

Photo: Para Site

Photo: Para Site

Para Site is Hong Kong’s leading contemporary art center and one of the oldest and most active independent art institutions in Asia. It produces exhibitions, publications, and educational projects. Since 1996, Para Site has grown into a contemporary art center, engaged in a wide array of activities and collaborations with other art institutions, museums, and academic structures in Hong Kong and the international landscape.

Material Practice

Material Practice: October 4–6, 2023