Artist Choice is our flagship grant program. Entirely selected by artists, Artist Choice supports arts organizations across the country with unrestricted grants.

This program is guided by an artist-driven nomination process, which works with artists in all disciplines and at all stages of their careers to recommend organizations that have deeply influenced their own creative practices and contributed to the ecosystem of artmaking and community.

Artist Choice grants are awarded annually each spring. The program is designed to center artists in the grantmaking process, a core tenet of our mission, and a reflection of the integral role they play in shaping our understanding of our world. The group of nominating artists changes each year, and is curated to reflect a wide range of artistic and cultural experiences, providing an opportunity for artists to speak directly to and for their own communities, uplift each other’s practices, and determine how they want their work to be made, presented, and supported.



2023 Artist Nominators

2023 Awardees



Fiscal Sponsors

Beverly's Exhibitions Corp, Centro de Economía Creativa Inc, Northwest Film Forum, Performance Zone, Public Space One, Social Good Fund, The Andrews Humphrey Family Foundation, Fulcrum Arts, Social Good Fund, Intersection for the Arts