This application-based program is open to organizations that have previously been awarded an Artist Choice award.

Each year, a relevant theme frames the grant questions. In 2022, the program was shaped by three organizing categories: how artists live, make, and are remembered. For 2023, organizations were asked: What can be transformed when we ask what we want to keep, what we can lose, and what we want to grow?

The annual program grants $50,000 in unrestricted, operational support for organizations in the Ruth Arts grantee pool. Applications are reviewed by Ruth Arts staff, alongside a rotating group of readers from Ruth Arts grant programs.


We embrace complexity.

Fiscal Sponsors

Queer Cultural Center, Open Collective Foundation, Beverly's Exhibitions Corp, Public Space One, Fulcrum Arts, Arts Foundation of Kosciusko, Intersection for the Arts, Maryland Art Place, Social Good Fund, Northwest Film Forum, Open Collective Foundation, Queer Cultural Center, Fulcrum Arts, Intersection for the Arts, SOMArts, Fractured Atlas, Maryland Art Place